Login – 192.168.l.l Router Admin Username & Password

The Internet is no more luxury in this digital era. Almost everyone has an internet connection in their homes, offices, school, etc. Most of them or say all of them use a wireless network. It’s convenient and there are definitely no issues of messing up with the wires if the connection is weak or lost. A router is necessary for an internet connection, setting up a router is somewhat of difficult but if you follow the steps correctly then you will not face any difficulty.

At first one needs to make changes in the admin panel of their network such as changing the ESSID, Fragment Threshold, RTS Threshold, Beacon Interval, DTIM Interval, Data Rate and also altering the authentication type.
So, to make your work easier, We will provide you with the best way to log in to your router admin panel. This article is mainly for the routers with the address

How to Login to Router Admin panel with IP:

Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure that you log in to your admin panel accurately and efficiently. In order to access the router’s setting panel, make sure you have the power cable connected to the router along with DSL or ADSL cables, this completely depends upon the type of modem you use.

  • Open any browser, say Google Chrome.
  • Open or just type in your browser’s URL address bar. Be sure your device is connected to the router you are trying to connect with.
  • Next, You’ll be redirected to a login page where you have to enter the username and password of your router that generally comes with the router.

If you have not changed your default username and password, then you can simply enter “admin” in both fields.

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

if this doesn’t work, type “administrator” in the password and username field.

  • Click OK and now you’ll be directed to your router’s settings panel.
  • Once you’re in the admin panel, you can make the necessary changes that you want to like changing the username and password.

List of Router Default Usernames & Password

Some routers have a default username and password for their admin panel. Go to the Router Default Username & Password Page for more information.

Changing of Router Password

In order to keep your network secure, you need to keep on changing your password. Default username and password are known to everyone on the internet and if you do not change it, then your network and connected devices can be hacked at any point in time.

Step 1: First you must log in to your control panel using the above-mentioned steps.

Step 2: In the router, console go to your admin panel

Step 3: You will find an option for changing the password over there


Step 4: Always use a mix of letters, numbers, and cases for the purpose of better security.

Step 5: Check the list for default credentials and cross verify with yours so that it is not the same.

Finding the IP Address

There are various ways to find your IP address. If the computer is on a private network and then connecting to the internet then such a device would have both private and public IP addresses.

For finding our public IP address just type ‘my IP’ into google.com and it will return your IP address within a second.

For finding your private IP address opens your command prompt and type the following command ipconfig/all to view the network settings. Check every line until you see ‘Default Gateway’. This will be your default router address which can be used to configure the device.

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Any computer of any brand can be configured to use this IP address on a local network. These are some of the common procedures and settings that users can carry out using the IP address on their router. Doing settings properly is important and if you do not have proper networking knowledge then you should not do advanced settings as it may lead to irreversible changes that might need you to reset your router settings again to factory defaults.

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