D-Link Router Login – Configuration Steps & Login Guide

Most of us access the high-speed Internet at our home and offices through wireless routers. We live in a generation where nothing is virtually possible without an Internet and this makes these wireless routers very important part of our day-to-day life. D-Link Wireless Routers are one of the most efficient and high-quality routers of all time. At times we need to change the basic settings of our wireless routers, which requires us to login to our D-link Router.

The D-Link Router Web Interface is a control panel that showcases all the settings. It basically offers a platform to make the changes you wish to do with your router. It’s necessary to the first login to D-Link Router in order to make any kind of operations like Changing Wi-Fi Name and password, username and password, Updating DHCP client addresses, Changing Firewall Settings, etc., 

D-Link Routers offer a user-friendly and straightforward web interface for its users to have a hassle-free and smooth experience. Following are the instructions to connect with D-Link Router’s interface for updates, changes, configurations, and diagnostics:

D-Link Wi-Fi Router Configuration Steps:

  • Connect the power adaptor to the wireless router.
  • Plug-in the adaptor into an ac outlet
  • Check the power led light in the router.
  • Now open any Internet browser from Chrome, Opera, Explorer, Mozilla, etc.
  • Enter the default gateway address provided: or in an address bar.
  • As soon as you hit enter, a pop-up message appears on the screen asking for ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.
  • Type in “admin” in space provided beside Username.
  • Type in “admin” in space provided beside Password or leave the space blank or one can even try with the default Username and Password as provided on the back of the router device.
  • Hit Enter.

You will be taken to the Router Setup Page where you can make changes and update the settings as required. 

Router Installation:

Open any browser and type in the default IP i.e. or in the address bar and hit enter. Setup Page will appear on the screen. Now, in order to set up the Internet, click on Setup then click on the Internet and look for manual Internet connection options. Click on it.

 There are two methods to set up your Internet connections:

Through Static IP

  • Select on static/dynamic IP (Provided by your ISP)
  • Subnet mask:
  • Default Gateway: Provided by your ISP
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • Fill in all the required information and click on SAVE.

Through Username or Password

  • Set the connection with PPPoE (Provided by your ISP)
  • Example: Username – 6789@james.parker
  • Example: Password – jamesparker&768
  • Select Address Mode – Dynamic IP
  • Click on Save The Setting

With either way given above, you will be able to successfully set up your Internet connection.

How to Setup Wifi Settings in Router:

Following are the steps to setup Wi-Fi settings in your router:

  • Click on a Wireless Setting
  • Click the manual wireless setting.
  • Set any desired username – GHostrider012
  • Set wireless security mode to wpa2-personal
  • Set any desired Wi-Fi password– ultimateghost@2
  • Click on Save The Setting.

You are all set to connect your various electronic devices to your Wi-Fi and enjoy the Internet.

Once you are logged in to your D-Link Router’s web interface, then you should be able to modify or change any available settings. It is advisable to note down the current settings before making any changes. This will help to revert back to original settings if you face any trouble while updating the router. Make it sure that the Internet doesn’t break down while configuring the router.

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