List of Default Router IP Address

Each and every router is having a default username and password to access and modify its web interface. But to enter these credentials, you need to visit the default router IP address of various brands. Sometimes you might need to access routers browser interface in order to fix some network issues which is running on the network which you are using in your router. Usually, the default IP address of the router is written beneath The router along with the username and password to access the routers browser interface. In case it’s not written beneath the router, you can always use this following process to know your default gateway using the command prompt on your Windows PC.

Know your default gateway you need to open the command prompt on Windows PC by pressing Ctrl + R to open the run box. Now type in the ‘cmd’ and click on the ok button to open the command prompt on your Windows PC. Now on the command prompt enter the following command ipconfig and press enter, now you will get to see the default IP address of your router written beside the default gateway under the local area connection and it usually starts with 192.168.

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List of Router (All Brands) Default IP Address:

These are the complete list of router default IP addresses which are sorted according to their various brands. Use the IP address of the router by checking out their brand names beside it. These are the most possible IP addresses which are listed in this article for you from various router brands websites.

Final Words

We have researched about the various router and their default IP addresses in their respective website throughout the internet. We have listed the best possible default IP addresses available for each of these brands of routers available in the market around the globe. Use the default IP addresses of the brand of the router your using from the list above in this article. Share this article with other broadband router users, so that they can also use this default IP address to access and modify the router wave interface using the credentials such as default username and password of that particular branded router.

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