How to Hide WiFi Networks / Router’s SSID from Others

If you are looking for a method by which you can make your WIFI network a little bit safer then hiding your router’s SSID will be a good option. SSID is the name of a WIFI network. You can easily make your WIFI network undetectable for your neighbors or people in your area by hiding your SSID. Hiding your SSID is not the best way to secure your WIFI network because hackers will still be able to access your WIFI network but it will help you to keep your WIFI network protected from people to discover it.

This is a complete guide where we will share the method by which anyone can hide their SSID from their neighbors.

How to Hide WiFi Networks / Router’s SSID From your Neighbors?

Hiding the SSID of your WIFI network or router is not as hard as sounds to be. Anyone can easily do it by following some simple and easy steps. All you need to hide your SSID is obviously your Internet connection and a Desktop/Laptop. This method will work most of the routers available in the market currently so it does not matter whether your router is from Netgear or D-Link or any other brand. We have provided the steps which you will have to follow in order to hide your SSID from your neighbors below.

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Simple Steps to hide WIFI networks/Router’s SSID from your Neighbours:

Step 1: Open the User Panel of your WIFI network

In order to access User panel of your WIFI network, all you need to do is visit on your browser. After you visit the user panel, it will ask you for your login credentials. Here, you will have to enter your Username and password. Your username will be “admin” in most cases. Just click on “Login” option after entering the login details.

Step 2: Go to the basic wireless settings

Now, the second is to visit the basic wireless settings. You can locate the option “Wireless” on the User panel pretty easily. Once you enter the wireless option, scroll down and you will find the “basic wireless settings” option. Just hit this option and you will be entered in the basic wireless settings.

Step 3: Disable the SSID

Finally, you will disable your SSID. You can disable it under the basic wireless settings which you have just visited. It will be enabled by default and you can select the disable button to turn it off.

Step 4: Save the settings

The Final step is to save the changes in settings which you have made. You can save them by clicking on the “Save settings” option.

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Once you follow all the basic steps that we have provided here in this guide, your SSID will be no more discoverable by your neighbors or people around you which means they will not be able to access it without your permission. You are free to drop your comments or questions in the comment section below and we will love to answer them

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