How to Login to Tenda Router: Setup Guide

Key instructions on how to log in your Tenda Router Setup Page and update or make the required changes in settings. The Internet is day-by-day becoming the backbone of an active and ever-growing life. In this fast paced lifestyle, having an error-free and high-speed Internet is a must for everyone who aims to grow, and to fulfill this requirement, there are many high-quality wireless Internet routers available in the market offering hassle-free and optimal connectivity. 

Tenda Wireless Routers are one of the best quality wireless routers in the industry that offers some of the finest features like strong, high speed and error-free Internet connectivity, user-friendly web interface, easy installation, dedicated technical support, optimum security, and easy-to-modify settings. It offers an easy-to-access and easy-to-use control panel for its users via its web interface where all the settings are stored and can be changed or updated. In order to make any kind of available changes in the router, it is very important to the first login to your Wireless Router. Changes may include any or all of the following:

  •    Change Username
  •    Change Password
  •    Update Wi-Fi Name & Password
  •    Modify DHCP Client Addresses
  •    Update Firewall Settings

The above-mentioned changes can only be done once you are successfully logged in to your Tenda Router Web Interface and to do so, follow the below given instructions. The instructions are pretty straightforward and easy-to-understand and work with. Before you try to login to Tenda Router, make sure you have:

  1. Access to the network through either Wi-Fi or LAN-Cable. (Note: If you are not connected to the network through either of the above ways then you won’t be able to access the interface and make the changes.)
  2. Any web browser of your choice from Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

Login instructions for Tenda Router Setup Page:

Once you are ready with the above requirements, you are all set to log in to your Tenda Router Setup Page. Just follow the below-given set of instructions:

  1. Open your choice of browser and type in the router’s IP address in its address field. Usually, the IP address for most of the Tenda Routers is
  2. If the above IP is not working for you then you can even search for the default IP address that is for your specific Tenda Router Model. You can even look for solutions on how to figure out your Tenda Router Gateway IP Address. Once you get the default IP address for your model, type in and hit enter.
  3. As soon as you hit enter, the Tenda web-interface login page will show up on screen. It will ask for the Username and Password. Usually, it is provided on the backside or bottom of the device. Still, if you are not sure, you can search for the default credentials for your Tenda Router model. Put them respectively on the blank space provided beside Username & Password and press Login.
  4. You are now logged in to the Tenda admin interface where you will be able to read the existing settings, modify them, update the firewall settings, change the Wi-Fi Username & Password, modify DHCP client addresses and many more. 

Tenda Router Setup Guide:

While logging in to your Tenda Router Web Interface, ensure that network doesn’t break and affect the process. Another healthy habit is to note down the existing settings before modifying or changing anything so that in case you end up in any trouble you can revert the settings and enjoy the services. After configuring the router with new settings, if it stops working due to any possible error or mistake that may break the Tenda home network, then you can anytime reset it back to zero by following the generic 30-30-30 hard rest instructions. However, this is the last resort. 


Tenda Wireless Router offers really smooth and hassle-free Internet connectivity with optimal firewall security. It can be efficiently used in home and offices for a personal, professional or corporate purpose.

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